What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

At what age do we stop asking people "What do you want to be when you grow up?". We never stop growing older but at some point, people stop asking us the question. Once we've 'grown up', is that it? Do we stop having hopes and dreams for our future selves?


We thought we'd test this out and developed a tool to get people thinking and talking about their future selves. We encouraged 'grown-ups' to project forward and ask themselves the question, "What will my life look like in 20 years' time?". We chatted, and people drew pictures of their life in the future. From their responses, it seems that as we get older, reality bites and people no longer dream of being a pop star or playing up front for Scotland. Instead, for many, 'growing up' looked like travelling more, spending time with family and pets, keeping busy and having fun. The optimism was still there but the dreams had changed.


We are all tomorrow's older people but we never stop growing up. As we get older - perhaps wiser - we can take control of what we want and need from our lives.  It's never too soon to think about the future, so, what do you want to be when you grow up?