#NoOneIsLonely is a new local movement that aims to end loneliness in East Renfrewshire.


Tomorrow's Older People, as part of the movement, is working with local people and organisations to discover, design and test diverse ideas and solutions to the issues that often lead to people becoming disconnected, isolated or lonely.


We've been speaking to local people, spending time exploring our vibrant local communities and drawing inspiration from all over the world taking a special interest in community-led ideas. 


Get involved and let's create East Renfrewshire where No One Is Lonely.


Meeting Points

Finding a safe place to meet new people can seem like an impossible task and lots of us don’t want to have to “join” something just to be able to have a chat. Read more...



Working with local communities to explore and design new community-led solutions to our transport issues. Read more...



A partnership initiative connecting the community with local children through letter writing. Read more...