We regularly hear of how difficult it is for people to get to places; work, shops, hospital appointments, but is it the case that our changing lifestyle choices no longer fit with our transport options? Where you live can also determine the travel choices you have. 


We will bring together local people and organisations to explore why people travel and why they choose a particular mode of transport to get around. We will also be looking out for community-led innovative solutions that enable us to go places and stay connected with others. 


Join us and share your ideas to create a happy and connected East Renfrewshire

Building Community - One Journey at a Time

Tomorrow’s Older People team has been really interested in are organic solutions from within the community. Let’s talk about car-pooling.


Mind the Gap

Being able to bridge the gap between your front door and your choice of transport is the most important aspect of being able to join in. If you can’t bridge that gap, you can’t get out.